Nintendo Switch Online may Bring back the Legendary co-op game “Days of Goldeneye 007”


Historically, video games based on big-budget movies are usually not particularly good. Games of this type rarely coincide with their counterparts from the movies, and even less often games really surpass them. However, in the case of Goldeneye 007, that’s exactly what happened. The exclusive game for N64 has become a landmark game for the FPS genre since its release in 1997 and introduced many concepts that are now the main ones for games like Call of Duty, including an incredible local multiplayer component. With the recent news that Goldeneye 007 is coming to Nintendo Switch Online and will include an online multiplayer mode, fans will be excited to relive some action with a whole new set of players.

When the developer of Rare created Goldeneye 007, he probably had no idea that the game would have such a lasting impact on the industry. The game itself is an exact copy of the 1995 film starring Pierce Brosnan, and many fans have been demanding its remake for many years. The Nintendo Switch version is considered a port, but interestingly, the Xbox is also getting a version of the game that has been described as a “4K resolution remaster.” However, the multiplayer feature is exclusive to the Switch version of Goldeneye. This will be extremely disappointing for Xbox owners, and this solution is not yet fully understood, but it is very interesting for those who use Switch.

Goldeneye 007 was synonymous with multiplayer

The single-player campaign in Goldeneye 007 was quite difficult, and for James Bond fans it provided an opportunity to try on the role of the famous secret agent, becoming Agent 007. Despite the fact that in other James Bond video games released a few years ago, “Golden Eye” was a significant step forward for the franchise. No matter how attractive the single-player content was, the strongest element of the game was its multiplayer content.

Offering a split-screen game for four players and making full use of the four controller ports built into the standard Nintendo 64, Goldeneye 007 has become revolutionary in its list of options for friends to compete. Players could play as various characters, including Bond himself and other famous faces from the franchise, such as Jaws and Odjob. However, it was in the arenas themselves, as well as in the game modes, that the shooter really succeeded.

The cards are diverse, and each offers something different. From the Aztec-style temple level to the labyrinthine corridors of the library stack, players are spoilt for choice. The arenas themselves are not particularly large — which is logical, given that they can accommodate a maximum of four players — but each of them is thought out to the smallest detail, so it offers ample opportunities for fast and furious fights. Familiar locations from the film “Gogol” are also used, such as a satellite bunker and a Russian gas complex.

The game modes are equally diverse and innovative. The standard mode is Deathmatch, in which players are awarded points for a kill, and the number of kills needed to win can be changed. Other notable modes named after previous James Bond films include License to Kill, in which players die after being hit by a single bullet, The Man with the Golden Gun, where all players try to find a golden gun that allows them to kill players. with one shot and “You only Live twice” — a mode that gives the player two lives before he is destroyed. Players can also create matches using certain types of weapons, which creates interesting opportunities for those who prefer powerful shots from rocket launchers or more subtle, skillful shots from powerful pistols.

One of the drawbacks of the multiplayer mode was the fact that it was split screen, and once the players learned the location of the maps, it was very easy to figure out where the enemy players were in relation to the player. Some have gone to extreme lengths to prevent this, even constructing homemade devices out of cardboard and duct tape to really try to “divide” the screen into four parts. For these people in particular, Nintendo’s announcement of an exclusive online mode is likely to be music to their ears.

While some elements of Goldeneye 007 didn’t age particularly well, especially the blocky visuals, which were bad even at the time, nostalgic fans who spent some of the best days of their youth chasing each other across these maps probably dreamed of playing the game. online for a long time, with old and new friends from all over the world. Thanks to Nintendo Switch Online, this will soon be possible.

GoldenEye 007 is already available for the Nintendo 64 and will appear on Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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