Nintendo Switch Online gets four more games


Big N is gradually supplying its catalog of classic NES and SNES games available in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. This time, the company announced four more games that will arrive in service on February 17th. Check out:

The biggest attraction for westerners is the launch of Psycho Dream, an action and platform game that until then was exclusive to the Super Famicom in Japan. 1990.

Closing the list of Super Nintendo games we have the fighting game Doomsday Warrior. Nintendinho receives only one game, Fire ‘n Ice, which mixes puzzle and platform elements.

With that, the total number of games on the service has already reached 99 classic titles, but it is worth noting that many fans are still dissatisfied with the lack of medallions like Super Mario RPG and EarthBound. What games would you like to see added over there in the coming months? Comment below!


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