Nintendo Switch OLED: Release Date, Price And Features


Nintendo Switch OLED: This Friday, October 8, the new member of the hybrid family, which has improved characteristics, goes on sale worldwide; the main one, its screen. Nintendo Switch OLED is practically here. The new family console goes on sale this Friday, October 8, the same day as Metroid Dread, and it does so to postulate itself as the most complete and advanced model to date in the hybrid generation of those in Kyoto. After the original model of 2017, its revision with greater autonomy of 2019 and Nintendo Switch Lite – portable only -, it is time to take advantage of the OLED technology, with which the game in portable mode will undergo a severe improvement.

Nintendo Switch OLED: when does it go on sale and how much does it cost?

As we said, the official launch date of the Nintendo Switch OLED is October 8, 2021 and it will be priced at 349 euros in Europe; $ 349 in the United States. It will be sold in two colors: white and neon (red and blue). In the first, the dock will be white; in the second, the black we already know.

We are facing a console practically identical in size to its predecessor, with dimensions of 102 x 242 x 13.9 mm and a weight of 320 grams; 420 grams by having the Joy-Con inserted. The original weighed 398 grams. The original Joy-Con serve us in this model, which improves on several key points that we review below.


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