Nintendo Switch Oled is official: price, release date, features


Nintendo Switch Oled: Nintendo confirms the new model of the Ninendo Switch family, on sale next October 8. We know some details of the new console. Nintendo has announced Nintendo Switch Oled, a new model in the Nintendo Switch range. The Japanese company will publish this redesign of its hybrid platform on October 8, at a price of $ 349.99 in the United States, which translates to 349.99 euros in Spain, as we see in some stores like Game. After the original model of 2017 and Nintendo Switch Lite in 2019, a solely portable solution, we already have the third member of the family here.

It will be sold in two colors: white (white joy-con, black body and white base) and neon red / neon blue (neon red Joy-Con, the other neon blue, black body and black base).

Nintendo Switch, what features does it have?

Contrary to what the leaks pointed out, the new model of the console will not reach 4K. It is intended to run at 1920×1080 on television (720p on laptop), with a framerate of 60 fps in mind. The screen, as the name of the model points out, will be Oled. Although the size will be the same, the screen will now be 7 inches. It will have a new adjustable stand and offer improved audio, as well as a new Ethernet port. As for the internal memory, this time they have opted for the 64 GB as standard.


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