Nintendo Switch OLED, Compare Its Screen With That Of PS Vita, Which One Is Brighter?


Nintendo Switch OLED: The new model of the family goes on sale this October 8. They compare the quality of the screen with respect to the original model and other OLED alternatives. Nintendo Switch OLED represents a significant change when it comes to enjoying our gaming sessions in portable mode. So we can determine it after testing it several times and after analyzing it for more than a week. This new member of the hybrid family goes on sale this October 8 and, judging by the technical analysis of Digital Foundry, Eurogamer’s specialized hardware portal, Nintendo has opted for a high-quality OLED panel.

The Nintendo Switch OLED panel uses a sub-pixel RBG arrangement

Contrary to what you might have come to think as it is a product aimed at the great masses for 349 euros (a price very far from that of upper-middle-range smartphones), Nintendo has declined the option of using a pentile screen, which “They tend to exhibit edge artifacts around text or other fine elements,” they argue, which would have been “terrible” on a 720p resolution screen, as is the case.

On the contrary, the Japanese company has opted to use a correct sub-pixel RBG arrangement. In fact, the menu includes two options in color mode: one more vibrant and one standard. The only difference is that one increases the saturation.


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