Nintendo Switch Now Allows Using Bluetooth Headphones


On Tuesday night (14), by surprise, Nintendo announced an update to the Switch that now allows the use of Bluetooth headphones. The news comes with the 13.0.0 update, which also started being distributed yesterday. To perform the update, the user needs to access the video game settings, the “Console” tab and choose the “Console update” option.

Nintendo points out that wireless headphones, speakers and other audio devices can connect to the Switch wirelessly via Bluetooth. However, wireless microphones are not supported. If the user is using a wireless headset with the video game, only up to two wireless controllers can be connected at the same time.

The company also points out that “there may be some delay in the audio”, depending on the device used. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch can save up to ten connected devices for quick switching between them when needed.

More news

The recent Nintendo Switch update also enables some other new functions. For example, the user can now check the connection status if he is using a 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless network, and the Joy-Cons have also received a calibration update.

Furthermore, the firmware added the possibility to keep an internet connection active even in hibernation mode. This allows, among others, software and content to be downloaded while the device is not in use. The setting, says Nintendo, is enabled by default. Another function adds the possibility of updating the base (dock) firmware with a LAN connection.


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