Nintendo Switch has official price reduction before launch of OLED version


A few days ago, rumors began to circulate that Nintendo could reduce the official price of the original Switch, released in 2017. This week, the rumors materialized, with the Japanese giant confirming the price reduction, a measure taken just days before the launch of the new OLED screen version of the console.


When Nintendo announced the OLED Switch in early July, many wondered whether the original version of the console would still be on the market and, if so, whether it would be reduced in price.

Through an official statement released this week, Nintendo revealed that the Switch’s updated list price will drop from €329.99 to €299.99, a reduction of €30.

We still don’t know what will be the new official price of the console, considering that the OLED version will only arrive here in 2022, but it’s good to see that we will have a lower price.


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