Nintendo Switch Has Broken With The Concept Of Life Cycle, According To Furukawa


Nintendo Switch: Shuntaro Furukawa, President of Nintendo, believes that the sales and form of the Nintendo Switch do not make it easy to establish its life cycle. For a long time now, Nintendo has been insisting that the Nintendo Switch is in the middle of its life cycle. These statements have been repeated for more than a year, so the “life cycle” concept is somewhat blurred in the case of the Nintendo hybrid, to the point that the Kyoto company’s own president believes that it has broken directly with this concept.

Once again, Shuntaro Furukawa himself has assured that, in effect, Nintendo Switch is in the middle of its life cycle, how could it be otherwise. “This is the fifth year since the launch of Nintendo Switch, whose total hardware sales exceed 90 million units. We believe that the system is in the middle of its life cycle,” Furukawa said in a question and answer session with investors. .

“The launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED has also helped to continue the sales momentum and we are now offering consumers three models to fit their gaming and lifestyle, as well as a wide range of software,” he continues. “With this, we believe in a foundation for growth that goes beyond what was previously known as the conventional life cycle.”

A Nintendo Direct to believe in 2022

It was last week when Nintendo offered a Nintendo Direct packed with content. Before the launch of Horizon: Forbidden West, Elden Ring and Gran Turismo 7, the Japanese wanted to show that they also have things to say during these months and presented a great lineup of video games. Great surprises were added to the well-known Triangle Strategy or Kirby and the Forgotten Land, such as a remastering of the classic Chrono Cross, the arrival of No Man’s Sky or both installments of Portal, or above all, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for this fall.