Nintendo Switch gets Android 10 via LineageOS


Every console manufacturer is concerned with implementing the best possible security locks, in order to prevent piracy on its platforms, which makes it sell less official games on those platforms. Nintendo, however, always makes a mistake that allows to penetrate the roots of its products.

The Nintendo Switch, for example, in less than a year had a flaw discovered involving Nvidia’s Tegra chip, which allowed modders to fully unlock the console. This makes it possible to run unofficial copies of games and even install software not authorized by Nintendo that increases the potential of the game product.

It was already possible, for example, to install Android on the device, which made the Switch a good machine for emulation by its two Bluetooth joy-cons.

Now, a new Android firmware for the console has been released, this time based on Shield TV’s Android 10, a product that also has a Nvidia chip. With this compilation, offered via LineageOS 17.1, the Android experience on the Switch has become more fluid.

The changelog mentions that the console is now more responsive, including the possibility of receiving OS updates via OTA. The build also improves the device’s stand-by mode, which can now last for weeks as it does when the Switch starts with the official Nintendo system.

The implementation is also able to continue with customized features needed by the Switch, such as screen broadcast to a TV when the device is in a dock. Bluetooth can be used to connect an audio device, and also to receive a keyboard and mouse.

Some caveats involving the new OS include a note announcing that Shield TV games should not be purchased from the official built-in store, as they will not work.

And you, what do you think of the possibility of using Android on some Nintendo consoles? Tell us in the comments!


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