Nintendo Switch Gains Function To Organize Games By Groups


Nintendo released, this Monday (21), a new update for the Nintendo Switch that should please gamers who feel lost when they have to look for a title in the middle of the game library. That’s because the new version 14.0.0, which can now be downloaded, allows users to create custom groups to organize their games as they prefer.

The new option can be accessed from the “All Software” button, which is only visible to users with more than 12 games on the system. Then just press the “L” button on the control and organize the library as you see fit.

In all, 100 groups can be created, each with a maximum of 200 games. It is worth noting that titles can appear in more than one group, if the user wants to. Check out an example of the use of groups published by Nintendo itself on social networks:

This was not the only novelty of the update, which also brought changes to the use of Bluetooth audio devices. It is now possible, for example, to control the volume both through the console and through the buttons on the device itself. In addition, the volume limit has been increased, but when connecting the headset to the device, the audio will be automatically reduced to avoid possible loud sounds.

You can check out more information about all the changes and additions in Switch Update 14.0.0 on Nintendo’s official website.

This was not the only recent news involving the company. A patent for a possible new control was also discovered. Additionally, three Mega Drive games have been added to the Nintendo Switch Online catalog.