Nintendo Switch emulator for Android is real and works


There is a new emulator in the square for smartphones. Egg NS, in development since 2017 by the supposed North American team NXTeam, brings good / perfect level compatibility with 81 Nintendo Switch games. Videos of the emulator have been published showing that, in fact, games work on Android phones.

Apparently, the Egg NS needs a Snapdragon 855, 855 Plus, 865 or 865 Plus chipset to work. Big names like Pokémon Sword & Shield, Cuphead, Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and seem to be compatible.

To work, the emulator apparently needs a GameSir X2 USB-C physical controller that costs $ 100 (about $ 528). The team has not released a technical explanation, so far, about limited compatibility with other controls.

This control has a great similarity to the Joy Cons of the Switch. YouTube channels (‘W Mike’ and ‘Taki Udon’, for example) have shown how they work on cell phones like the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Realme X50 Pro, both with Snapdragon 865.

The controversy

Egg NS is an unofficial, closed-source emulator. In the videos, you can see that the games are only open when there is an internet connection – even if it is turned off during the game. The SPF rate is also not stable.

In some titles, it is close to 30 FPS. In internal scenarios, the rate tends to be “functional”; in external locations, such as outside homes and laboratories (in game), it tends to fall. It is therefore normal to see it reaching 8 FPS and games closing.

The controversy is that the emulator appears to violate open source licenses. Developers for Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch open source emulator for computers, said Egg NS misused its GPU emulation code. They found other evidence in the code that they copied their project.

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The emulator’s website also contains spelling errors (in English) and pages with parts in Chinese. To use the emulator, you also need to create an account and log in whenever you want to play.


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