Nintendo Switch continues to increase its profits


Nintendo has sold 6.8 million Switch consoles worldwide between July and September, increasing its sales figure by 40 percent from the previous year since its 2017 launch. The company has thus sold 68.3 million consoles this year. In addition, the company has increased by 50 percent since the Switch Lite model was launched in 2018. With its profit announcement, Nintendo Switch has also intimidated Sony and Microsoft’s upcoming consoles.

Nintendo Switch announces profit

Switch owes its earnings especially to its sales in the last quarter. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a key sales factor of over 10 million in total, while the game sold more than 3.5 million copies between July and September, making Nintendo a smile. It also managed to become the best selling game on the console after Mario Kart Deluxe, which sold 26.4 million copies.

Nintendo Switch kar

According to The Verge’s report, Nintendo’s software releases in the last quarter were quite low. However, the two productions performed quite well. Of these, Super Mario 3D All Stars sold 5.21 million copies, while Paper Mario: The Origami King sold 2.82 million copies.

Besides that, Nintendo is preparing to release only one AR Mario Kart game this quarter. It is seen that the reason for this is the possibility of decreasing its weight in the market due to the game consoles to be released by Sony and Microsoft. Some sources claimed that the company was planning an update for the Switch in early 2021, while Bloomberg suggested that this will happen in the future.

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