The Nintendo Switch considered one of the worst products of the year!


The magazine “60 Million Consumers” has just listed the worst products of the year and the Nintendo Switch is one of them.

The magazine 60 Million de Consommateurs has just published the list of the worst companies. He then pointed to the famous Nintendo Switch game console, which is said to be one of the worst products sold.

The Nintendo Switch was one of the best-selling products of 2017. Thanks to the Christmas holidays, the game console has again broken some records. However, the latter has just won a new award. A much less positive price than the others. The worst console of the year. In fact, every year, the magazine 60 Million de Consommateurs, draws up a list of the worst companies.

Without any surprise, the SNCF is part of the latter! Eh yes ! The strike had a very negative impact on the reputation of the company. But it is not the only one. Indeed, La Fnac is also part of the lot! And following the many problems of the Joy-con of the Nintendo Switch, it is therefore not surprising that the brand is also at the heart of the controversy!

For the magazine, the Nintendo Switch was thus elected the most fragile product. The Joy-Con Drift is therefore the black point of the console since it very often breaks down. But that’s not all ! The creators took a long time to take responsibility for their mistakes and did not immediately want to take charge of the repairs. If users did not have proof of their purchase, they had to pay 45 euros to have the controllers repaired.

Sum which is added to the 300 euros of the console. Fortunately, today the company has agreed to reimburse the money spent on repairs. So she is finally ready to take on the problem. The error of the famous Nintendo Switch is therefore quite negative for the brand which will probably have to do better for its next creation.


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