Nintendo Switch: Big N president dodges new model


Nintendo fans must already be tired of hearing so many rumors about a possible hardware revision and a new model of the Nintendo Switch, which continues to break sales records. Only this time who opened the discussion was the president of Big N, Shuntaro Furukawa!

In a question and answer session revealed this morning, he was asked directly if we could wait for “a new model later this year?”

Shuntaro’s response was, “We don’t plan to make an announcement in the near future as we have a Mario game in February and Monster Hunter in March.” It is interesting to note that he only considered the launches until the end of this fiscal year, so who knows the “near future” does not end there exactly?

Could it be that between the lines of his reply we cannot understand that as of April the company will be able to make a hardware announcement? Would you like to see a new Switch competing with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S? Comment below!


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