Nintendo Switch Accounts Exposed to Intense Attack by Hackers


Nintendo Switch users are currently undergoing an intense attack. It seems that the target of hackers is Nintendo Switch accounts.

From time to time, cyber attacks are carried out on different platforms. The target of the attackers is now Nintendo Switch, one of the leading names in the console market.

A large number of Nintendo Switch users are reporting that they have attempted to login to their account. The purpose of the attackers is shown as being able to copy the credit card information associated with the Nintendo Switch account of the individuals.

The eyes of hackers are in credit card information:
Hackers’ primary goal is to access PayPal and credit card information associated with Nintendo Switch accounts. Hackers can then make in-game purchases with this information. Information of unauthorized accounts may also be copied.

It turned out that hackers bought VBucks in Fortnite, the particularly popular Battle Royale game. A Twitter user announced that they had made a $ 100 purchase from his account. Other users stated that their accounts were used in a similar way.

How to enable F2A on Nintendo Switch?
There are additional measures that Nintendo Switch users can take to make their accounts relatively secure. One of them is F2A protection. Here’s what you need to do to enable protection:

Access the Nintendo Account website and log in to your account.
Select Sign-in and security settings and click 2-Step Verification. Press the edit key.
Select 2-Step Verification settings
Get the verification code by selecting the send e-mail option.
Enter the code and press Submit.
Download the Google Authenticator app on your smart device.
Scan the QR code that appears on the Nintendo Account screen with your device.
Backup codes will appear. Copy and paste them in a safe place.
Select I have saved the backup codes and then press OK.

Nintendo’s app is not preferred because it requires downloading a third party app and is a bit troublesome. Nevertheless, verifying will reduce the risk of making unwanted purchases with your account and theft of your information.


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