Nintendo Switch: 3 Indies Essentials from the eShop


We collect ten indie titles that are enjoyable in digital format and that seem made for the Nintendo laptop. It is often said and rightly that Nintendo Switch is the home of the indies.

And it is affirmed for several reasons. The first, because several of them reap better sales on this platform than on others, and the second is related to this: the possibility of the console of the Kyoto company to be able to mix the game in desktop format with being able to convert it into a portable one and take you the game wherever you want is a differential element for many users. This means that in the Nintendo eShop we can find essential jewels and games that stand out on that platform.



The new SuperGiant game is surely one of the best titles of 2020, as is usual in the productions of this study. The work, which invites us to escape from hell as the son of Hades, is a different Roguelike, which catches you not only because of its devilish gameplay and various elements that change every game, but also because of a plot that does not stop offering surprises even if we carry hours of play and an audiovisual section that surprises from the first moment. Like the genre or not, Hades is simply a must.

Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale is one of those games that transmits tenderness and a sense of adventure from the first moment. Starring the mouse Tilo, we embark on a fable where we have to find our lost beloved in the middle of labyrinthine phases, very charismatic characters and some evil rats that will make life impossible for us. Tilo’s animations, the story and context it tells us, and other sound elements make it an adventure worth trying for its structure and outstanding details, such as the lighting effects.

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The Survivalist

A few days ago, The Survivalist, the new Team17 game, known for works such as The Escapists or Worms, came into our hands, in which we are presented with an interesting mix of proposals: on the one hand, the genre of survival with adventure, combat and everything that invites us to understand the world around us and keep us alive. On the other hand, an online cooperative that gives another air to the experience, which improves exponentially thanks to the number of options in the company to be made. Their particular appearance does the rest while we endure with the help of some very nice monkeys.


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