Nintendo sues man named Bowser for hacking Switch


Nintendo of America has officially opened a case against a suspect accused of leading a group of hackers who marketed Nintendo Switch unlocking tools.

The curious fact of this lawsuit itself is the defendant’s name: Gary Bowser, who shares his surname not only with the biggest villain in the company’s most famous franchise, but also with current Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser.

According to the lawsuit, hacker Bowser has maintained an international operation called Team Xecuter since 2013, when he distributed ways to unlock the Nintendo 3DS. Later, he started working with tools for the Nintendo Switch, allowing the device to run downloaded games for free and outside the company’s official store.

Closing the siege

This is not the first time that the company has gone to court against those responsible for illegal practices related to brand properties: in recent years, Nintendo has sued and even won in court courts for piracy and teams responsible for selling software and equipment for unlocking consoles. .

Also known as “GaryOPA”, Bowser will face the suit in a Seattle state court on charges of clandestine negotiations and one of copyright infringement. The company asks for $ 2,500 for each device and $ 150,000 for each trademark violation, in addition to the definitive closure of Team Xecuter operations.


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