Nintendo Shares Fall 6% After E3 2021 Direct


Nintendo: E3 officially closed last Tuesday (15), and Nintendo was one of the last big companies to perform at the time. However, at least for the company’s shareholders, what was seen at the time did not seem very inviting and ended up reflecting in a fall in the shares of Mario’s house.

According to an article by Forbes, Nintendo’s shares fell 6% over five days, being 0.8% on Tuesday and 3% on Wednesday (16). However, it is expected that it will recover at least 3% of that loss by the end of July.

For the analysts who generated the report used by Forbes, two elements were crucial to the downfall: the fact that the release of the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild only happens in 2022 and also the issue that we have no mention of the Nintendo Switch Pro.

Another point mentioned by the site is the fact that Nintendo’s shares were already high for some time due to the success of the company’s new console in the land of the Rising Sun, which makes this loss not as disastrous as it seems.


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