Somi Encouraged Her Dad To Be Part Of Xoxo, His New Mv


Somi’s father had a surprise appearance in the clip, but that detail was not planned at the beginning.

The Dumb Dumb performer showed that she has great vision when it comes to turning problems into opportunities, Somi invited her dad to join the XOXO clip.

We recently witnessed Somi’s long-awaited comeback, although recently she had released a new single this time she came back with an album and more music to cheer up her fans. The song chosen for her promotions is XOXO, so she and a whole group of staff joined forces to create a great MV.

Fascinating colors, emotions and looks are part of this music video, but a detail that did not go unnoticed in front of the fans who have followed Somi for a long time was the cameo of her father.

The idol’s father appears briefly while driving a patrol in the middle of the desert, but this was planned at the last minute and here we tell you the story.


It turns out that the filming of the MV had already begun, but Somi heard that they needed staff to appear in front of the camera and one of the roles that was not yet covered was that of a policeman.

Somi’s stylist known as Pony reacted to the video on her YouTube channel and it was thus that she revealed that the singer was the one who offered to call her father to take the position, so he rushed to the set, put on the costumes and received makeup to join the scenes.


Somi’s father has accompanied the girl on her way to fame from the first moment, her entire family supports her loyally and closely, but her father has even appeared in front of the cameras on several occasions .

That is why the fans already know the girl’s father well and recognized him quickly, as we have seen them share from emotional moments to other great ones while they take pictures of their life to the screen.