Nintendo rising: reaching its highest market value


The company places its shareholder value above any other point in the last decade, reflecting great confidence on the part of its shareholders.

Nintendo (NTDOY) has reached its highest record on the stock market since 2007. The Kyoto company led by Shuntaro Furukawa finds its best shareholder moment in recent times at the close of this September 2, only surpassed by the peak of splendor of the time Wii gold.

With a value of more than 61,100 yen a share (about $ 70), Nintendo’s upward trend has continued almost uninterrupted since the beginning of the year, when Animal Crossing: New Horizons was approaching stores. From there, two consecutive quarters with revenue records (historical peak in the sale of products through digital channels or software in an individual quarter) positively affected by the pandemic at the commercial level.

Different circumstances and various intangibles have led to a Nintendo fully recovered from the four years of financial crisis at the time of Wii U, where it even reached a period of losses; and, above all, a confidence on the part of its shareholder group that speaks for itself.

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