Nintendo Requires Total Removal of Content on Large ROM Site


In June of this year, Nintendo had won a lawsuit against the RomUniverse website and received a $2.1 million settlement. However, the measures did not end there, as the team of the page also received an order to remove all the content of Mario’s house present in their files until this Tuesday (17).

Recent reports also state that Matthew Storman, the site’s owner, was supposed to pay $50 a month for Mario’s house, but failed to fulfill that obligation within the first month. Fearing that it might bring the site back to life with unauthorized content, the Japanese company also filed a permanent injunction against the owner of the page – which guaranteed the aforementioned total removal of content from RomUniverse.

In addition to the deadline until today for the removal of the content, he must also send a formal notice to the court by next Friday (20) indicating that such action has been taken, running the risk of suffering another criminal action if he does not do so. that was arranged. Another important point is the fact that he can never again post or use any Nintendo content on his website, including characters and logos.


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