Nintendo Plans to Upgrade Nintendo Switch Online


The Nintendo Switch is one of the biggest hits in Big N history, but there’s always room for improvement. At a recent meeting with the company’s investors, Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s current president, spoke a little about the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.

Although it already has more than 26 million subscribers, Furukawa’s idea is that the service will become even more attractive for both first-time subscribers and veterans, with greater appeal to subscribers in the long term.

“It is very important that we manage to further increase the number of new members,” pondered Furukawa. “But we also need to motivate current subscribers to continue paying for the service. As such, we are actively working on ways to make Nintendo Switch Online more attractive, convenient and fun.”

Furukawa cited as a good example the launch of the battle royale Tetris 99, as it was not only a great game by itself, but also attracted a lot of attention from the media and content creators. Aside from these rare initiatives, the service’s flagship is a growing library of NES and Super Nintendo titles, as well as the ability to play online.

Will we soon see the arrival of another classic console such as the Game Boy or Nintendo 64 to the subscription service, or perhaps another original project? What do you think about Nintendo Switch Online these days? Comment below!


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