Nintendo: new console will be released before 2100


Through a slide presented in a corporate report briefing, Nintendo released the launch window for its next console. Unfortunately, the announcement is unlikely to please the most anxious fans, as the company’s expectation for the publication of its future hardware is only an unknown forecast for the year “20XX”, that is, until the beginning of 2100, indicating that it is too close or too far.

A few days after confirmation of the discontinuation of 3DS laptops in Japan, ending production of the devices once and for all, the fact may indicate that the company must be prepared and able to direct more resources to the development of new projects, now that its only hardware is industrially assets are Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

In recent months, several rumors have heated up behind the scenes at Nintendo, indicating that a Switch Pro was being planned to be released in 2020, or at least announced. However, due to the inconveniences of the pandemic and the consequent delay in production processes, the expectation is that the Japanese giant will reveal new hardware in 2021.

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