Nintendo is “constantly thinking of ideas for new consoles”


Nintendo: Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, assures that the company does not neglect the search for new approaches for its next consoles.Nintendo does not stop developing ideas for the next consoles with which they will try to maintain their role in the market. After the success of its hybrid platform, Nintendo Switch (2017), and a lower-priced only portable solution, Nintendo Switch Lit (2019), the president of the company, Shuntaro Furukawa, assured in a recent meeting with Nikkei that his team has always in mind the creation of new hardware.

After technological innovations that changed the way we experience video games, such as the Wii motion control, the Nintendo DS double screen or the ability to offer 3D images without the need for Nintendo 3DS glasses, that spirit is maintained in the offices of the Kyoto signature.

“We are constantly thinking of ideas for new consoles, but many of them are simply not viable because of the cost or the limitations of the technology,” he says.

Bloomberg says there will be a new Nintendo Switch in 2021: OLED and 4K

When asked about a possible new model of Nintendo Switch, what we commonly know with the tentative name of “Nintendo Switch Pro”, Furukawa expands assuring that “we dedicate a lot of resources to developing the technology in case any of these ideas becomes feasible in the future ”, which also implies that many of these ideas are discarded because they do not satisfy all the needs they demand.

Different journalistic reports, with Bloomberg at the helm, maintain that Nintendo plans to manufacture a new model of Nintendo Switch that allows to extend the life of the console, which according to the president is in the middle of its life cycle. That model would incorporate a seven-inch OLED panel and improvements in its GPU to be able to make use of technologies such as DLSS, thus increasing the resolution in a less complex way up to 4K input.

Nintendo has declined to comment on this unconfirmed information officially.

As of December 31, Nintendo Switch has sold 79.87 million units worldwide. At this rate (less than four years on the market) it is at a distribution speed above Wii, which exceeded 101 million units in its entire life.


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