Nintendo Investigates Complaints of Forced Labor in China


Nintendo, as a console maker, receives various components used in its video games from different parts of the globe. However, the company recently learned that one of the factories responsible for this may be using forced labor.

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, these actions are part of an existing policy in China that ends up being used by both local and foreign companies, but that both groups could resort to these devices “without knowing” and, thus, end up violating some human rights principles.

The report points out that these works are carried out by members of the Uighur ethnic minority, and they are said to be producing for companies such as Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. For the agency, companies that use the work of the Uighur may end up “falling into aspects of the law that prohibit the importation of products made with forced labor”.

With the word, Nintendo

At a recent investor meeting, Mario’s house president Shuntaro Furukawa mentioned that this report has come to his attention, but that his distributors do not utilize the workforce reported by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

“As companies, we are aware of the news regarding Uighurs being forced to work in factories in our supply chains. However, regarding the factory mentioned in the report, up to the point in which we investigated, we can confirm that it is not one of our partners”, commented Furukawa.


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