Nintendo Indie World, All Games Announced For Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Indie World: We tell you all the games announced for Nintendo Switch during the Indie World on August 11, 2021. This catalog will be added to the console. The Nintendo Indie World on August 11 has left us the grid of independent titles that will arrive on Nintendo Switch in the coming months, starting today. The Japanese publisher teams up with some prominent names to outline an interesting catalog for the community.

Among the more prominent names is Eastward. Chucklefish sets its release date for September 16, 2021. It will do so as a temporary exclusive on Nintendo Switch consoles. On the other hand, Axiom Verge 2 lands by surprise throughout today. In addition to the hybrid, it will also debut on PS4 and PC through the Epic Games Store.

Also relevant is the arrival of Hero Loop, the success of Devolver Digital, sometime this coming winter. It is expected that during the same frame Shovel Knight: Pocket Edition will be launched, a spin off of the saga where we will go on to puzzle adventures.

All Indie World announcements for August 11, 2021

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk → 2022
Toem: A Photo Adventure → Fall 2021
Hero Loop → Winter 2021
FAR: Changing Tides → early 2022
Necrobarista: Final Touch → August 11, 2021
Garden Story → August 11, 2021
Boyfriend Dungeon → August 11, 2021
Axiom Verge 2 → August 11, 2021
Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon → Winter 2021
Islanders: Console Edition → August 11, 2021
Metal Slug Tactics → 2022
Tetris Effect: Connected → October 8, 2021
Astroneer → Early 2022
Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator → Winter 2021
Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition → August 11, 2021
LumbearJack → 2022
Curious Expedition 2 → August 11, 2021
Gang Beasts → Fall 2021
Eastward → September 16, 2021


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