Nintendo increases production on demand


Nintendo Switch, which has sold more than 55 million units since its launch in 2017, rolled up its sleeves to end the year 2020 strongly. The company announced that it has increased its Nintendo Switch production capacity to meet the expected demand.

Nintendo Switch production capacity is increased on demand

Companies producing game consoles, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, had a very busy year. One of these companies was undoubtedly Nintendo. Nintendo, which continues to receive new orders for the Switch game console, which it launched in 2017, aims to close the year with record sales. According to the report of Bloomberg, Nintendo wants to increase its target by 20 percent. This means currently producing 30 million consoles per year. While this figure was 25 million in August, it is now even higher.

While there is a huge demand hunger due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is difficult to find the Switch even in Japan, Nintendo’s main market. Because it is clearly seen that people cling to game consoles in the space created by staying in their homes. The biggest example of this was Animals Crossing, which achieved an incredible success with 22 million sales despite its launch in March.

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