Nintendo increases capacity in Switch production


Nintendo is once again increasing capacity in Switch production in order to meet the growing demand with the global coronavirus epidemic. According to the news of Bloomberg; The company increased its production target for 2020 to 30 million. Nintendo, which started with 19 million, had increased this number to 22 million and then to 25 million.

Although Nintendo has increased its production capacity twice, there are still difficulties in finding the Switch in some markets. Lack of products causes the price of existing consoles to increase. The advent of popular games such as Animal Crossing and the pursuit of entertainment for home-growners increased interest in Switch.

Nintendo has not given up on its goal of selling 19 million consoles by the end of this year. However, it can be said that the company did this as a kind of precaution. The Japanese game giant, which sold 11.4 million Switches in the past two quarters, managed to sell almost twice as many consoles compared to the previous year.

According to allegations, Nintendo is preparing a new Switch to be released next year. It is stated that this model will be at a higher level in technical terms and Nintendo has already asked third-party game developers to upgrade their games to 4K. Nintendo is also said to work with Sharp for high resolution display panels.

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