Nintendo in Portuguese: Fans Campaign For More Translations


Nintendo: Yesterday (15) Big N presented its traditional Nintendo Direct from E3 and, as usual, the presentation was packed with great news and amazing games to fill our calendar! Among them, one of the biggest highlights was Mario Party Superstars, the company’s first release in Brazilian Portuguese for the hybrid console.

This achievement did not go unnoticed by the community, which today (16) has mobilized for a very cool campaign that already has thousands of shares. The idea is for all fans to share the following post and hashtag #NintendoBrasil, as done by youtuber Coelho in Japan:

Reference in the field of gamer journalism and veteran of the late Nintendo World magazine, Pablo Miyazawa also did his part to help the campaign gain traction. You can check out more about this project on the official website of QueremosNintendo.

The focus of the initiative is to show gratitude for this first localized game and point out the extreme importance of this measure, in addition to demanding that the new Metroid and Zelda also be translated, as well as the platform’s old successes.

It is worth remembering that, over the last few years, Nintendo has reconnected significantly with our market, with the right to an official national eShop, official technical assistance, system localization and presence with a large booth at Brasil Game Show, our main game fair .

The fans are waiting for the campaign to bear fruit and the Brazilian public will still receive several games located until the end of this generation. To do your part, just share the #NintendoBrasil image and hashtag on social media to draw the company’s attention!

What did you think about the news of the Mario Party Superstars translation? Will you play your part in this community campaign? Comment below!


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