Nintendo Guarantees That Bayonetta 3 Still Exists After Its Absence At E3


Nintendo: As many of you already know, the Bayonetta 3 game was originally announced in 2017 during The Game Awards, but we haven’t seen any news or details about it since then. Therefore, many fans expected some sort of announcement, trailer or any image of the title at E3 2021, which did not happen and still worried those who were waiting anxiously for news.

Of course, it didn’t take long for this concern to turn into speculation, as many people began to suspect that the game might have been cancelled. Gamespot even questioned Nintendo whether Bayonetta 3 still existed in an interview with Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff this week. The response was positive, with Trinen even mentioning that the game “not only exists, it’s progressing very well”, as well as saying that Nintendo prefers to show its projects when developers are ready for it.

Speaking of the developers, it’s interesting to say that the game’s director, Hideki Kamiya, was a little irritated by these rumors and even spoke on his Twitter account, saying that comments like this are an “annoying public waste”. Kamiya even called some users of the social network “idiots” for suggesting that the game was no longer in development.

It’s worth remembering that Platinum Games commented in an interview with the VGC website earlier this year that fans could forget about Bayonetta 3 for a while, as when there really is news, they’ll be in for a good surprise. So you can understand the director’s frustration, as players interested in this sequel did exactly the opposite.

Of course, going for almost four years without anything new is also a rather boring situation for fans, but after this little controversy, it’s quite possible that we’ll see something of Bayonetta 3 in the coming months. Are you looking forward to the new franchise game? Comment below if you also missed him at this year’s E3!


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