Nintendo Game & Watch returns for Super Mario Bros


This week has been very active in the game console market. While the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S were the main events of the week, another important company in the game world made a surprise product announcement. Nintendo has re-unveiled its gameplay watch, called Game & Watch, for the 35th birthday of Super Mario Bros. Thus, the Japanese gaming giant has once again demonstrated that it is a company that always goes its own way.

Game & Watch can be described as a very cute product in general. Designed with inspiration from the original Game & Watch that came out even before Game Boy, the device has a color scheme similar to that of the Famicom game console released in Japan. The function of the device is quite simple. Three games, including Super Mario Bros., can be played on Game & Watch.

Super Mario Bros., commonly known as The Lost Levels outside of Japan. 2 and Ball, with Mario in the lead role, are the other two games that come loaded in Game & Watch.

Game & Watch, a celebration move to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., is not the first for Nintendo. The company previously re-released the NES game console under the name NES Classic in 2016.


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