Nintendo Game and Watch undergoes durability test


In September of last year Nintendo decided to return to the classics and launched a portable “retro” console, the Game and Watch. The device is very simple and reminiscent of classic handheld video games from decades past. As part of the “joke” of bringing back the past, the Japanese manufacturer inserted a digital watch on the game’s display – hence the name Game and Watch.

The accessory has a color LCD screen and has, in its internal memory, two pre-installed games – one of them, Super Mario. Now, a few months after its launch, YouTuber Zack Nelson, from JerryRigEverything, made a video to test the durability of the console, which proved to be quite resistant, despite its composition made mostly of plastic.

The first test applied by YouTuber was on the screen, which was subjected to scratches. In the material, it is seen that the display starts to show scratches from the third pressure level with sharp equipment, which, according to the person responsible for the test, indicates that the panel is made of a plastic material.

Still to test the resistance of the display, Zack submits it to the flame of a lighter. After about ten seconds, it is noticed that the screen starts to turn black in the contact area, but soon afterwards the pixels begin to recover their characteristics and “normally” display the image, despite the fact that it is still a reflection of the fire.

In addition, the resistance of its surface in general was also put to the test and, when scratching the body of the Game and Watch, it is possible to see that its front is covered by a metal surface and that everything else is made with a material of very resistant plastic, but that scratches easily when applying more pressure with a sharp equipment, such as a blade, for example.

In the endurance test, Zack Nelson also tries to “fold” the device in half, both at the rear and at the front. No apparent damage is noticed, although the screen suffers a little from the pressure, but without permanent problems.

Finally, YouTuber opens the device to check its internal composition. Nintendo is very practical when it comes to assembling the device and all the components are very easy to analyze after loosening a few screws.

By disconnecting the screen and the battery – which is similar to the Nintendo Switch Joy-cons – the complete board can be released from the Game and Watch body, to note that the USB charging connector and the speaker are soldered to the main board. In addition, YouTuber points out that the Japanese company installed a few pieces of rubber below each key to increase the durability of the buttons.

The device was not officially launched in Brazil, but in the United States it can be found for about $ 50


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