Nintendo: Fan Recreates Original Headquarters Of 1889 To Keep Collection


Frenchman Fabrice Heilig, a collector of historic Nintendo items, decided to take his brand loyalty to the next level by building from scratch a building incredibly faithful to Big-N’s first office, originally founded in 1889, to store its treasures.

For decades, Fabrice has been dedicated to the rescue and acquisition of rare Nintendo artifacts, including objects that have marked his history and the great moments of the company. With the substantial increase in the collection, he found it necessary to build a kind of headquarters to keep them and transform them into a true museum, and nothing better than paying the perfect homage to the brand that so much time was destined for.

According to the fan, all the materials used as inspiration to build the house were old photos and videos, which recorded the main details of the building’s internal structure and finish. With the demolition of the headquarters taking place in 2004 to make way for a parking lot, Fabrice had to work hard to hunt for inspiration for his ideas, but nothing stopped him from completing the project with perfection.

The new “Nintendo headquarters”, is installed in the Frenchman’s backyard, and stands out for maintaining the oriental style of the original construction, from the wood to the ornaments. Internally, the site houses a rich gallery of cards produced by Nintendo before entering the world of video games, having numerous shelves full of rare items. Check out the space video below.


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