Nintendo Does Not Plan To Lower The Price Of Nintendo Switch In The United States


Nintendo of America does not plan to reduce the sale price of the 2019 model of Nintendo Switch; it is a measure that only affects Europe for now. Nintendo of America does not contemplate a reduction in the price of Nintendo Switch (2019 model) in the short term in the United States. At the beginning of the week we knew that, immediately, the hybrid model that is currently marketed in stores (version with a larger battery than the original) lowered its price from 329 euros to 299 euros, thus matching its maximum RRP to that of the United States, of $ 299. There will be no price drop in North American lands; at least for now.

When asked about this circumstance by journalist Stephen Totilo, from Axios, a Nintendo of America spokesman maintains that “The price adjustment is only for the European region”, including Spain and the United Kingdom, where it goes from 279 pounds sterling to 259 pounds. pounds. “It is not planned to change the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for any Nintendo Switch model in the United States,” they expand.

Nintendo Switch OLED will go on sale next October 8 for 349 euros / dollars, for the first time with the price in 1: 1 equivalence since the current generation of the company began. Neither the original model nor Nintendo Switch Lite had the same euro / dollar price.

Why Nintendo of Europe has lowered the price of Nintendo Switch

As Nintendo explained to Eurogamer hours after the price drop was known: “After carefully weighing a number of factors, including currency exchange rates in Europe and the upcoming release of Nintendo Switch – OLED model, we have decided that it is now the right time to change the European retail price of Nintendo Switch. ”

Thus, currently the line of Nintendo Switch consoles is as follows, with a difference of 50 euros between the current model and the next, with OLED screen and other improved features, as of October 8: Nintendo Switch Lite for 219 euros; Nintendo Switch for 299 euros; and Nintendo Switch OLED for 349 euros.


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