Nintendo develops a new console with 4K support


The newspaper Economic Daily reported that Nintendo is working on a new console. Allegedly, this console will be named Nintendo Switch and will offer impressive features to Nintendo fans. Nintendo has not made any statements about this console so far.

Nintendo, one of the companies that has made a significant contribution to the video game industry’s current position, managed to win the hearts of millions of gamers with the Nintendo Switch it launched in 2017. While the players have been mingling with this mini game console for a long time, the latest news shows that the company is working on a new console. Moreover, according to the claims, this console will appear in the first months of 2021.

The allegations regarding Nintendo’s new console came from Economic Daily, a Taiwan-based newspaper. Stating that Nintendo provided the information it conveyed from its suppliers, Economic Daily reported that Nintendo will appear with a new console called “Switch Pro” in the first months of 2021.

It is said that Nintendo’s new console will display Full HD on the internal screen and 4K on the TV.

Allegedly, the Nintendo Switch Pro will be much more stylish than the current design. It is also stated that the internal screen of this console will be 1080p, and it can offer 4K resolution when connected to TVs. The Nintendo Switch Pro, which is expected to have 8 GB of RAM, is likely to come with 128 GB of storage.

Nvidia recently announced a new technology called “DLSS”. This AI-powered machine learning technology could be an important and indispensable innovation for the Nintendo Switch Pro. Because if this console wants to offer 4K resolution on televisions, it has to use DLSS. Because the processing power of the Nintendo Switch Pro is not at a level that can meet 4K resolution alone. This is why DLSS is critical for Switch Pro.

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Nintendo keeps its silence for its new console

The Nintendo Switch Pro has not yet been confirmed by the authorities. However, the company has already been in the focus of rumors for a while. Some people think that Nintendo’s upcoming new console will be a revamped version of the Switch Lite, while others suggest it will be a brand new product. It is also claimed that the reason why Nintendo has been silent for a while is preparing for a new console launch.

It is obvious that there have been some developments on the Nintendo front. However, it remains unclear what these developments are, whether the company is working on a new game console or is focusing on another project. The company’s statements on the subject will be enough to reveal Nintendo’s new work.


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