Nintendo denies it Has a Higher Profit Margin On The OLED Switch


Nintendo: In a statement sent to Bloomberg website, Nintendo revealed that it has no plans to launch any other Switch model soon, keeping the OLED screen and traditional edition as the only ones on the market. In addition, Big N has denied that it is profiting more than usual on the new version of the hybrid console.

Another information published on the company’s official Twitter is the fact that Mario’s house won’t make even more money with this new version of the console, something that apparently was wrongly publicized.

“A news published on July 15th hinted that the profit margin with the OLED Switch will increase compared to the traditional Switch. To ensure the correct understanding between investors and the public, we want to say that this information is not correct”, the company wrote on its official Twitter profile.

It is worth mentioning, the OLED Switch will be released in October for US$ 349.99 (about R$ 1,800 without fees or taxes) and you can read a little more about it by clicking here.


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