Nintendo continues the Quality of Life project


The company thus discards any hint of doubt about its cancellation. Nintendo’s Annual Report reviews the company’s R&D plans.

Nintendo has not neglected its Quality of Life project focused on improving the quality of life. The company’s recently published 2020 Annual Report, which reflects the company’s status as of March 31 on a financial and business level, has included a small appendix dedicated to its research and development department. The QoL initiative is mentioned in it.

“We are working on the development of a new product that improves QoL (quality of life) in fun ways,” they comment in the part near the end of page 17. They also support their desire “to continue to develop new products in the future”.

That’s where products like amiibo or business development on mobile devices come into play, with highly successful names for its financial strategy such as Mario Kart Tour (which is updated this July 21 with horizontal screen mode), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem: Heroes, all free of charge free to play on iOS and Android devices.

What we know about Quality of Life

The latest official information regarding Quality of Life defined this initiative as one of the most ambitious in Nintendo’s research and development section, defined as “a new product that improves people’s quality of life in a fun way.” In addition, an interest in improving the quality of sleep of users was also alluded to.

“Our goal is to give consumers the opportunity to make efforts to improve their health by making their sleep and fatigue status visible, as well as offering various services based on this information, the note says” because “it will take into account the movements of your body, breathing and heartbeat, all without being in physical contact with you, “was reflected in the 2017 Nintendo Annual Report.

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We do not know what, when and how Quality of Life will be presented, nor its implications with Nintendo Switch, if any.


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