Nintendo claims copyright of a 3D model of Bowser’s penis


Nintendo filed a lawsuit claiming copyright for a 3D model of a penis of the character Bowser. The project was created by modeler AkkoArcade who developed the “work” for pornographic films that parody games. The notification was shared by the artist on Twitter, along with the photo of the “member” in question (ATTENTION: image +18 on the link).

AkkoArcade saw a message from the team at Patreon, the website on which the source code of the 3D model is hosted, stating that he received a copyright claim for the artist’s work on the platform. Also according to the warning, the complaint came from Nintendo of America and, so far, has not been removed from the site.

The most curious thing is that the model was created in 2018 and only now, three years later, the company decided to bring a lawsuit against the 3D model of Bowser’s penis. Nintendo itself has not yet commented on the case, but it is almost certain to say that the reason is to prevent its characters from having a darkened image, especially as it is a game with an age rating for all ages.

As a form of protest, AkkoArcade has now made the source code freely available for those who own a 3D printer to download and produce the alleged Bowser member.

If you are over 18 and want to check the tweet that shows the model, just click on the link.


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