Nintendo ceases production of all Nintendo 3DS models


The Japanese company thus ends the distribution of the stereoscopic console nine years after its premiere. 75 million units sold.

Nintendo has ceased production of the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles. The Japanese firm thus discontinues its latest generation of laptops after more than nine years on the market and a total of six different versions. 75.87 million units shipped around the planet testify to the success of this product.

Nintendo’s official website in Japan reflects that the last model of the family that was still in production (New Nintendo 2DS XL) has stopped distributing units internationally, which terminates the supply of this hardware. After its premiere in February 2011 in Japan (March 2011 in Europe and the United States), Nintendo 3DS has had an original model that was soon replaced by the Nintendo 3DS XL variant in summer 2012.

A bit of history: the large family Nintendo 3DS
It took until the end of 2013 to receive a low-cost model, Nintendo 2DS, which dispensed with the stereoscopic 3D characteristic of the machine and also got rid of the hinges to save costs. A period of hiatus brought with it the New Nintendo 3DS family with two models: one with interchangeable covers and the other XL. In that fiscal year, calendar 2015, Nintendo 3DS experienced a severe upturn in sales and made it easier for the machine’s useful life to be lengthened as estimated by the company, which in those years suffered its greatest crisis due to the commercial failure of the company. ill-fated Wii U.

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