Nintendo Bars Partnerships With Japanese Mafia


Nintendo: It is already to be expected that large companies want to avoid associating their brand with criminal organizations, but Nintendo decided to go a step further and created a special clause in their contracts to avoid this. Since several classified documents from certain companies are being leaked because of a recent dispute between Apple and Epic Games, one of Big N’s contracts also ended up appearing on the internet.

While much of the contract still has parts censored to the public, the entire section mentioning criminal organizations has been leaked. In this part, you can see that Nintendo says that if the content provider (that is, the developer or publisher of a game, for example) has its base in Japan, it cannot be part of a group of antisocial forces or groups focused on violence.

These potential partners also cannot be associated with organizations like Yakuza, give financial benefit to such groups, use threats or violence in their transactions or interfere with Nintendo’s business by spreading false or fraudulent rumors. Although they are quite obvious requirements for us, this can be a very possible reality in Japan, so it makes sense that all of this is stipulated in the company’s contracts.

Of course, none of this prevents developers or publishers from launching games on these themes for Nintendo platforms. Unfortunately, it does not seem that we will see a title from the Yakuza franchise on the Switch anytime soon, not least because producer Daisuke Sato previously stated that this is not the type of game that is expected on this console.

Now we can only see that other classified documents will appear in the next few days. And you, do you find it interesting to see these little revelations in the world of games?


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