Nintendo and Niantic working together for Pokémon GO


In a note published on Monday (22), Niantic revealed a new partnership with Nintendo to produce another Pokémon GO-style title. The project will take Shigeru Miyamoto’s iconic Pikmin universe to mobile devices, with the augmented reality and real-time monitoring features implemented in the publisher’s flagship.

The app, which does not yet have an official title, will be the first entry to the Niantic studio based in Japan, founded in April 2018. According to the statement, the game was planned to “encourage walking and make it more enjoyable”, and is scheduled to be released later this year free of charge.

“Niantic’s RA technology has enabled us to experience the world as if the Pikmins secretly lived around us,” said Miyamoto. “Based on the theme of making hiking fun, our mission is to provide people with a new experience different from traditional games. We hope that Pikmin and this app will become partners in your life. ”

For all those interested in knowing more about the RA version of Pikmin, Niantic has already started the pre-registration period, which can be performed free of charge on the game’s official website and with support for Brazil.

“We will share more details about the app in the coming months. We are excited to continue building this partnership as we continue our mission to encourage people to explore the world together,” concluded the publisher.

Looking forward to meeting the cute Pikmins on their hikes? Leave the answer in the comments.


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