Nintendo and Fujifilm announce app to print Switch images


Nintendo: Still in the 1990s, Nintendo partnered with the extinct network of rental stores Blockbuster so that Nintendo 64 owners could print the photos they had taken in Pokémon Snap. This could only be done on special machines that were found only at these rental companies. Now that the sequel to this game is about to be released, the Japanese company decides to repeat the dose, but in a much more modern way.

The partnership this time is with Fujifilm and, instead of having to travel to a specific establishment, you only need a portable printer called instax mini Link (sold by Fujifilm) and the application that the two companies launched on the 30th of April, the same day that New Pokémon Snap arrives in stores and in the Switch eShop.

With the app and printer in hand, you’ll be able to print snapshots of the screenshots you took of various Nintendo hybrid console games and not just the Pokémon Snap sequence. For those who love taking pictures of cute moments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons or battles against the huge creatures of Monster Hunter Rise, this is a good way to have your memories physically.

The cool thing is that instax mini Link is a printer that can be connected to any smartphone via a Bluetooth 4 connection to deliver high quality photos. This means that you are not limited to the screenshots of the Switch, as you can also print any photo you have taken with your smartphone.

This is even something that can win over more consumers, after all, who doesn’t love instant Polaroid-style photos, right ?! And you, did you find this partnership interesting? Comment below if you would like to see more of this type of action today!


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