Nintendo America will allow cancellation of reservations


As of this September 1, purchases of Nintendo games in the eShop will allow cancellation and refund up to a week before.

Nintendo of America has updated the digital product reservation policy through the eShop, the official portal for the company’s consoles. As of this September 1, all purchases will have the possibility of cancellation and refund of the total amount as long as said withdrawal occurs up to seven days before the launch of the reserved product.

Although the amount will continue to be charged, as explained in the first section of the Nintendo of America consumer service page, there will now be the option to reverse the transaction, a previously impossible circumstance, as we explain later in this news.

The verbatim quote states the following: “The required funds will be paid automatically with the funds available at the time of payment. The expected payment date is no earlier than seven days prior to the launch of the product. (For bundles with different product launch dates, payment will be processed no earlier than seven days before the first product launch) ”.

To be able to cancel a video game or digital product from the eShop, simply log into our account and go to the “Reservations” section.


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