Ninja Theory’s Project Mara shows technical muscle


Tameem Antoniades, head of the British studio, shares new details on his next title featuring photorealistic graphics.

After almost a year since the official announcement of Project Mara, the new Ninja Theory video game along with its other great project, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, its managers have finally shared a new development diary through a video in which the director of the British studio, Tameem Antoniades, offers new and interesting details of how the title and its peculiar game proposal have evolved, in addition to showing off graphic muscle with photorealistic images.

Apartment recreated with photorealism

Thus, the main novelty about the nature of Project Mara is that the development of its adventure will take place only in the apartment presented a year ago, now recreated in much more detail, almost on a sickly level. And it is that the recreation of said location in the video game is shown at a practically unprecedented level, with images that could well pass for those of a video of a real place.

All this explained first-hand by Tameem Antoniades, head of the study, ensuring that his team has recreated in the most faithful way possible the apartment shown a year ago. All this thanks to the close collaboration with companies specialized in materials in order to transfer real textures of wood, metal, fabrics or plastics, thus achieving a visual spectacle, as we can see in the video that accompanies this news.

Again, Project Mara invites us to immerse ourselves in the horrors caused by the mind, in this case, in the skin of Mara, a young woman who will live her own nightmare within the walls of said apartment. Ninja Theory is working on three projects simultaneously, such as the aforementioned Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and Project Mara, together with The Insight Project, a technological tool applicable to video game development and from which both titles in development will surely take advantage of. .


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