Ninja Theory presents images of Project: Mara


During the broadcast of the third episode of The Dreadnought Diaries, the Ninja Theory team brought more news about the game codenamed Project: Mara, presenting details about setting the environment and the tools used to “capture reality” in psychological terror.

According to the Xbox studio, Project: Mara will take place entirely inside a real apartment and the team’s goal is to recreate it perfectly on the developer’s engine. And to make art viable, one of the main tools used has been photography, which captures different materials and places in the house through various angles and light effects to form the greatest sense of immersion and photorealism possible.

In the video presented by Tameem Antoniades, creative director at Ninja Theory, it is possible to identify some of the locations present in the house and how the space is rendered via computer graphics. The whole idea of ​​bringing maximum loyalty to the public is part of a process of creating “our most ambitious and realistic game ever made”, paying attention to the smallest details.

So far, there is no release date for Project: Mara.


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