Ninja opened Twitch again after months


World-renowned broadcaster Ninja reopened Twitch after Mixer closed. The broadcast opened by Mixer reached 100 thousand viewers in just 15 minutes.

The famous publisher Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who passed by Microsoft’s Mixer platform for a lot of money last year, was not known where Mixer would open for a while after the shutdown. Ninja, which has been broadcasting on YouTube in the past days, has opened Fortnite on its old platform, Twitch.

Ninja, who normally has a contract with Microsoft and cannot open broadcasts other than Mixer, was released again after Mixer closed. The famous broadcaster, which can now broadcast everywhere it wants, has reached 100,000 viewers in just 15 minutes in its broadcast on Twitch today. It is known that Blevins’ YouTube broadcast opened last month reached more than 4 million views.

There is still nothing certain

Blevins, which opened for the first time after separating its paths with Twitch, did not say where to broadcast permanently, though. The publisher, who will test the platforms on which he can broadcast live for a while, will probably make a decision in that direction, considering the offers and the user base. The famous broadcaster is expected to choose one of Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming platforms.

The fact that Blevins reached 100,000 viewers 15 minutes after the broadcast shows us how much he is still loved by his audience. This situation also shows that the famous publisher may come up with another million dollar agreement.

Twitch posted adult videos on Ninja’s channel

Even though Ninja Twitch did not leave much trouble, there were some troubled events afterwards. Especially the suggestion of other channels through Ninja’s account and the fact that there were broadcasts that violated Twitch rules among these channels made the famous broadcaster very angry. After this incident, Twitch’s CEO apologized to Ninja.

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