Ninja Manages to Break the Record As It Came


Ninja, one of the most popular publishers in the world, managed to leave another milestone behind. The famous broadcaster became the first name to reach 16 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, one of the world’s most popular online broadcasters, made the transition from Twitch to Mixer last year. Although the partnership with Twitch ended after this transition, Twitch had not reset the followers of the famous broadcaster.

Twitch’s failure to reset the famous broadcaster’s followers seems to have played an important role in Ninja’s rise again after being back on Twitch. The broadcaster, whose audience and followers increased very rapidly, broke a new milestone and left behind another milestone.

Ninja reaches 16 million followers on Twitch

The famous Twitch broadcaster announced that it reached 16 million followers on Twitch while sharing a video about the game they won 13-0 at VALORANT and became an MVP last night. Moreover, this huge number of followers of Ninja made the difference between the names right behind him.

The streamers that follow Ninja in the number of followers on Twitch were Tfue with 9.14 million, shroud with 8.3 million, and Myth with 6.87 million. In addition, the person who announced that Ninja reached 16 million followers on Twitch was his wife Jessica Blevins. Twitch was also among those who congratulated Ninja for this success.

However, there were also users who criticized this celebration made by Twitch. Some users criticized Twitch for the streamer who returned to Twitch with the shutdown of Mixer, which went from Twitch to Mixer. Users said the platform should support smaller publishers.

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Of course, it is quite normal that a publisher with such a large number of followers on the platform is supported by Twitch. Moreover, Ninja is still the only active broadcaster among Twitch’s 5 most watched channels. So we can say that both sides have an interest in each other.


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