Ninho surprises his fans by taking a break


Behind the microphone of Skyrock for Planète Rap, Ninho took the opportunity to discuss his future and his desire to take a break!

Very active lately for the promotion of the reissue of his last mixtape M.I.L.S 3, Ninho seems to want to slow down.

Guest of Skyrock, Ninho hinted that he wanted to take a break and that nothing will be released before 2022. Indeed, to the question: “There you see how the next months Ninho, ideally? The rapper replied, “Frankly, I’m telling you the truth, it can start again in 2022. […] The activity, to get all the daily grind back, there’s still a year left guys. Hold on, hold on. ”

The chroniclers then relaunched it, for more details: “You have to live a little. […] We have to see other things. I used to say to myself: “You have to work, work, work”. There are times when you have to make cuts, and here it is. We’re going to take a little vacation, have a good time. ”

It must be said that since the artist from Longjumeau was discovered by the general public in 2016, he has not given himself much respite. As proof, since April 2020, Ninho has been the French rapper with the most singles of gold, platinum and diamonds.


If this announcement is enough to shock Ninho fans, it remains completely understandable. However, the artist does not leave them with nothing.

Thus, the latter confirmed that he was still preparing a 7ᵉ Binks to Binks: “[The 7ᵉ will arrive] when I have the words up to the 6. I had decided to stop, but so ask the Binks to Binks, you have to make a nasty 7ᵉ. », He explained. So that’s good news!

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In addition, it gives us time to savor the reissue of his M.I.L.S 3 project. In other words, 6 new tracks in addition to the initial tracklist of 17 tracks. Just that !


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