Ninho announced that concert dates have been delayed!


Many Ninho fans wondered when will they be able to meet their favorite artist. He gives the dates on Instagram!

Like many artists, Ninho had to postpone his tour. And this, because of the health restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thus, on his Instagram account, Ninho has just communicated the new dates: “For the Accor Arena in Paris, the concert originally scheduled for 09/21/20 then 12/20/20… postponed to December 12, 2021. For the Zénith de Lille, the concert initially scheduled for 09/19/20 then 12/18/20… postponed to December 9, 2021 “.

Obviously, the tickets remain valid for these new dates. However, if you want to be reimbursed, you will need to contact a point of sale.

Either way, Ninho remains very positive. In the caption of this announcement, he wrote: “Complicated context, the concerts are postponed. It’s only gotten to be the miff. Take care of yourself” .


But Ninho knows how to console his fans! A few hours after sharing this all-important information, the rapper has found nothing better than … releasing the “Macaroni” music video in collaboration with Leto!

The visual produced by Cherif NOCOLOR & Louis Rossi plunges us into two different worlds. In the first part of the visual, we find Leto and Ninho in a rather relaxed mood, surrounded by women. Then they wake up in a different atmosphere. In other words, to the neighborhood with their entourage.

A staging that their fans seem to have enjoyed as the video has seen more than 350,000 views in just a few hours.

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In addition, the clip has collected many comments such as: “Personally I think it is the best duo in French rap, we always expect a hit from them” or “First clip of my life or I see a change of atmosphere like that, at the same time we knew that it was going to break everything “.

A full box for Ninho and Leto therefore!


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