Ninel Conde boasts a photo of her wedding on Instagram


The hottie, as Ninel Conde is known, couldn’t help but share her happiness for her wedding and shared a photo on Instagram, apparently from the moment after the link

¡Feliz!, Ninel Conde presume foto de su boda en Instagram(Reforma)

The beautiful singer and actress Ninel Conde cannot hide her happiness after having made her wedding with Larry Ramos through thick and thin and she shared a happy photograph for her followers on her Instagram.

Ninel Conde uploaded the photograph of this special moment on her official Instagram account 18 hours ago, as she could not hide her happiness.

The famous shared the moment when apparently she and Larry Ramos had just become officially newlyweds, after celebrating the wedding that caused such a stir in the media.

In the photograph you can see Ninel Conde very, very happy, with a huge smile that she cannot help and looking really very beautiful in a white wedding dress with a nice neckline and mermaid cut and her wedding bouquet in hand.

The image is even more special since the Bombón shared that her family appears in it and that fills her even more with happiness, that they were present at this important moment in her life.

The publication has exceeded 85 thousand likes and her comments telling her how beautiful she looks of her and congratulating her, they did not wait.

A few days ago the news caused a huge stir that Ninel Conde wanted to marry her boyfriend Larry Ramos, but what many did not imagine is that she would be so soon.

Since it was announced that the famous woman had a relationship with the businessman, negative comments against Larry Ramos began; Some claim that he committed fraud against Alejandra Guzmán for more than 3 million and that he has a murky past.

On the other hand, before the wedding rumors or if she had already married, to mislead her, the beautiful Ninel Conde shared on social networks that she would marry Ramos since he was the man God designated for her; however, that she would do it until next year as current conditions did not allow for the huge celebration she desired.

The next day, the images and confirmation emerged that the beautiful singer had already married and she shared herself dressed as a wedding on Instagram.

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The rumors that she supported Larry Ramos and that she surely paid for the beautiful wedding did not wait; But the Bombón was forceful and assured that her now husband takes care of everything and that he even wants to have a child by her side.

On her part, Mhoni Seer predicted that this couple really loves each other, but that the singer could be misplaced in her desire to be with someone younger to feel rejuvenated.

In addition, she pointed out that the happiness of this couple would not last long since Larry Ramos would end up locked up because of his problems with Alejandra Guzmán. She also assured that Ninel Conde will sell even her house to help him, but she questioned if she really should do it since she is her heritage and that of her family and she has not even a year of knowing Larry Ramos.

Ninel Conde also came out to clarify on social networks the rumors that she had not paid for her wedding dress that was exclusively designed by Benito Santos from Jalisco.

They already grabbed me from her little pig, but what do you think? They make me laugh a lot, it is unfortunate that they invent news () I thank Benito Santos very much for having dressed me. He knows there were certain options and I opted and decided to look for him, and I knew that a Mexican designer like him was the one special for my ceremony.

The artist shared that the designer has some artists as ambassadors of his garments and that it is part of his publicity, now her dress is in many places and they are speaking highly of her work.

Like many celebrities, he handles us as ambassadors and dresses us, because as marketing it works for them. Right now there is his dress on a digital cover and talking about him everywhere, that is very different from saying that he is very angry because they did not pay for the dress, she shared on her Instagram stories.


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